United Security

In Memoriam

Honoring the Fallen: Our Memorial Page pays tribute to the brave operatives who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to a safer world. Each name etched in our memorial is a testament to unwavering dedication, courage, and sacrifice. Explore their stories and join us in remembering those who gave their all for the greater good.

Operation: Guardian Shield

USEC was commissioned to provide comprehensive security solutions for a critical infrastructure project in a politically unstable region. The project involved the construction of a vital transportation hub that was crucial for both local development and international trade.

Old rusted shield hung on a light colored wall

Silent Guardian

USEC was called upon to address a rising threat posed by a notorious international criminal organization involved in arms trafficking and illegal trade. The mission was to dismantle the organization and disrupt its illicit operations.

Close up of knight armor chest plate

Horizon Watch

USEC was entrusted with the security and protection of a high-profile diplomatic summit aimed at resolving a long-standing international conflict. The summit involved leaders from conflicting nations and was seen as a critical opportunity for diplomatic breakthrough.

Silouhette of dog watching horizon

Shadow Veil

USEC was tasked with infiltrating and dismantling a highly secretive and well-protected criminal organization involved in human trafficking and illicit arms trade. The mission aimed to rescue hostages and gather critical intelligence on the organization's key players.

A woman in black veil

Black Phoenix

USEC received a critical assignment to neutralize a rogue paramilitary faction that had seized control of strategic locations in the Tarkov region. The faction, known for its guerrilla tactics and familiarity with the local terrain, posed a significant threat to both civilian populations and regional stability.

Yellow and White smoke during night time

Elite Forces: Meet Our Team

Here is a brief showcase of some key members of the USEC team.
Each individual brings a unique set of skills, experience, and dedication to the table, contributing to the success and reputation of our private military company:

Exceptional Individuals, United Strength.
Meet the Faces Behind USEC.

These are just a few of the exceptional individuals comprising the USEC team.
Each member is handpicked for their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence, embodying the values that define our private military company.